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Corrosion Measuring Cells

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  • Corrosion check
  • Electrochemical research
  • Metallography
  • Biotechnology
  • Microelectronics
  • Quality assurance


The Corrosion Measuring Cells KMZ 3 and KMZ 5 feature ideal application for probe position in electrochemical corrosion measurements and general electrochemical laboratory use in conjunction with adequate electronic devices. The cell KMZ 5 is a water-jacketed version with cell container suitable for connection to constant temperature circulators.
The measuring cells have different cell tops with standard taper joints for the pick-up of the working and counter electrodes, as well as the intermediate vessel with reference electrode and liquid junction tube including a Haber Luggin capillary. Working electrodes with interchangeable specimen holder, cells for extended temperature ranges and tailor-made cells, i.e. for quality check of conductive coated flat glass plates, show the wide range of applicationspecific versions.

Cell container
  • glass; max. Ø 130 mm, h 130 mm
  • KMZ 5: jacketed with tube conn.

  • max. 500 ml

Cell top
  • Ø about 120 mm

Operating temperature
  • KMZ 3: max. 50 °C
  • KMZ 5: max. 110 °C

Specimen holder
  • working electrode holder; NS 29; PP
Specimen holder AEH
  • interchangeable specimen; NS 29; PP

Counter electrode
  • NS 24, platinum sheet 4 cm2

Gas in- and outlet
  • glass pipe; NS 14,5

Reference electrode
  • KE10NSK7 (Kalomel;
    60 °C; sleeve junction)
  • KE11NSK7 (Kalomel;
    60 °C; ceramic frit)
  • SE10NSK7 (Ag/AgCl;
    80 °C; sleeve junction)
  • SE11NSK7 (Ag/AgCl;
    80 °C; ceramic frit)
Liquid junction tube
  • NS 19 / NS 7

  • Haber Luggin capillary

Intermediate vessel
  • glass; NS 29 / 2 x NS 7

  • KMZ 3: PVC, PP, glass
  • KMZ 5: PP, glass
  • specimen holder AEH: PP or PVC